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Welcome to Enstall

We are Enstall. A group of top brands and a global leader in solar panel mounting systems. We design and develop innovative and sustainable mounting solutions for solar panels on any type of roof.

The companies of the Enstall family

Enstall consists of a group of business units operating in both Europe and the United States, which gives us a global presence to develop innovative, high-quality products. Each business unit serves a specific segment of the market so the type of customer, sales channel and installation method may vary from one business unit to another.

We are making the transition to sustainable energy possible for future generations. Would you like to contribute to this? Check out our vacancies and find your perfect job.

Endless Opportunities

Working at Enstall will give you the opportunity to gain experience, make a career and become the very best version of yourself.


Contribute to a clean and healthy future. Sustainability is the central focus point in everything we do. Curious about how we manage to make an impact?

Company Culture

We listen to each other within Enstall. . We rely on each other, we look out for one another and we’re proud of our differences.