Transition to clean energy

As a company, Enstall forms part of the transition to clean energy. We want to keep the environmental effects of our activities to an absolute minimum and we’re committed to making systems as sustainable as the energy they generate.

We aim to ensure every installed solar panel will bring us one step closer to a cleaner and healthier future, through the commitment of, and collaboration with, our employees, suppliers, partners and installers. We conduct conversations with our partners in the chain, for example focussed on recycling materials and raw materials, making packaging sustainable and reducing waste. Our colleagues and business partners all share the same passion and perseverance to reduce the human impact on the environment.

Sustainable business operations

As a world-leading company in the solar industry, we bear the responsibility of playing a significant role in the sector concerning transparency, both in the supply chain and in our business operations. To achieve and ensure this, we have formulated a vision based on four pillars:

Full compliance with legal standards

Safety of products and people

Completely transparent, circular and carbon-neutral supply chain

Highly engaged employees

Enstall empowers

We believe it’s important for us, as a company, to make a positive contribution to a future with equal access to sustainable energy for everyone. With this in mind, we founded Empowers in 2021. We’ve recently supported various different solar projects which have an impact on young people and people at a distance from the labour market. For example, by facilitating participants’ personal and professional development by offering full training to become a solar installer. We mainly focus on groups with a distance to the labour market in the Netherlands, including refugees, and in the United States the focus includes veterans.

The Switch

The Switch is an Amsterdam-based non-profit that accelerates the transition to a climate-neutral economy while helping people who live far from the labor market start a career in the green energy and solar installation sector.

Admiraal de Ruyter

Admiraal de Ruyter is a Dutch scouting club whose mission is to encourage teamwork, respect and fun to kids. Empowers was happy to help them to reach their own climate goals by providing solar panels on their roof..

Wolfpack Robotics

Cosumnes Oaks High School robotics team is located in Elk Grove near Sacramento. Like many high schools, Cosumnes Oaks has a robotics team. Their team name is Wolfpack Robotics.