Business Support

Our Business Support colleagues ensure that the ins and outs of the organisation run smoothly. This applies to the daily operational matters, as well as our strategic plans for the coming years. It can include a wide variety of different activities: from keeping our computer systems up to date and the substantive processing of contracts, to maintaining the buildings or guiding our employees in their development within the organisation. Some colleagues work for the group and are therefore employed on a global basis, with others specifically working for the European or US regions. And others still will be working for a specific business unit. Every single one of these are professionals who are absolutely essential in order for our business to be successful, for it to realise growth and subsequently contribute to a sustainable energy transition.

Supporting the business means you’re always in contact with colleagues from other disciplines or departments. You enjoy working with different business units and business partners, irrespective of whether this is on a local or international scale. You make sure you’re aware of any and all developments within your field which are relevant to both the organisation and sector.

“What’s great about working at Enstall is that we’re collectively contributing to the further professionalization and growth of the organisation. It’s not just the company that’s growing, but also myself as a finance professional—I have that opportunity!”

Bart van Ooijen

Financial Controller

“At Enstall, I’ve been given the opportunity to grow internally. It’s a pleasant organisation that cares about its employees.”

Geert Muller

Dynamics Support Employee

“At Enstall, I feel highly valued as part of the ‘Enstall family’ and get plenty of opportunities to develop myself and progress in my career.”

Morgan Verkes

HR Business Partner

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