The various marketing teams in Europe and the United States take our purpose – to accelerate the installation of solar energy to enable the global energy transition – up to a higher level. Together, they share the focus to use the developed marketing communication strategy to grow our brands even more. Each team works on translating the commercial objectives into concrete (online) marketing campaigns in its own unique way. Our marketing teams are the ‘face and voice’ of all the business units and also act as their ‘eyes and ears’ for trends & competition. Irrespective of whether it concerns supervising the launch of a new product, creating content, optimising websites, online campaigns or coordinating participation with exhibitions, organising training courses or improving the customer journey. It’s all about adding value for our customers and sharing our knowledge. Marketing makes our users’ lives as easy as possible. Are you ready to make our great brands even greater?

“The exciting aspect of my role as Marketing Communication Manager for CPX is that I, as a generalist, can leverage the specific expertise of my colleagues from the Enstall marketing team.”

Thijs Smudde

Marketing Communication Manager

“Working at Enstall means, to me, growing alongside the organization and pursuing my own ambitions.”

Arwin ter Beek

Online Marketing Manager

“For me, working at Enstall Marketing means having the wonderful opportunity to blend my creative and commercial mindset every single day.”

Anne Brandt

Training & Exhibition Manager Europe

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